The company

Lanördika is a company based in Andalusia, formed by Darío Dumont and Greta García, who decide to bet on their own line of work, through the fusion of disciplines and contemporary language, making coloured proposals with lots of humor for all audiences. 

Darío Dumont Swinkels

Revelation Artist Award 2016 at the Andalusian Circus Awards (PACA).

He began his training in the world of performing arts at the International School of Circus Arts in Granada (Circo del Arte) and continued at the CAU International School of Circus and Theater in Granada, at the same time as he obtained the Graduate in Sciences of the Physical Activity and Sport (INEF) at the University of Granada, 2014. He receives annual and monographic courses in acrobatics and acrobatics in which he specializes in the hand of Miguel Moreno (Bolo), besides juggling, theater, tumbling, flying trapeze, clown and dance.

He has worked as an acrobat and portor with the show ” Do not disturb ” of the company from Granada, Vaivén Circo, and currently with the circus company Vol’e Temps, specialized in acrobatic duo, “Paper worlds”.
In 2015 he created his first number of solo cabaret, balancing in rolls (rolabola) and acrobatics, premiered at the Circada Festival and participating in various galas. He is co-producer, acrobat and equilibrist of “Ludo Circus Show”, show directed by Antonio J. Gómez (“The great Dimitri”). And their new show “Sopla!”.

Greta García Jonsson

She obtains the Professional Degree of Classical Dance in 2010, and continues her training in contemporary dance at the Andalusian Dance Center of 2010/2013.She has participated as an interpreter and dancer in different companies like Date.Danza acting in the work “What is my name?”; Best Female Interpreter Award 2016 at FITC Bucharest, the project “Welcome to the Montgomery Experience, or in the company AtraBilis of Angélica Liddell in the work “What will I do with this sword?”. She is co-producer and dancer in the project “Ludo” Circus Show directed by Antonio J. Gómez (“The great Dimitri”);

She assiduously collaborates with the artist Anna Jonsson in various works and performances since she was born. They create the artistic group Greta&Anna with the show “My death mother”. They both collaborate with the artist Rocío Huertas as Les Tricoteuses.

She is one of the Hermanas Gestring, along with Laura Morales, generating multiple proposals, such as  “A muerte” or “GOODGIRL”, 1st Prize Choreographed Ceremony Madrid 2017, receiving Choreographer DanceWEB Grant.

She started as a circus director with “Cándido” and co-directing with the artist Daniel Foncubierta in “Sopla!”, and she wrote her first novel “I just wanted to dance”.